When a court decision is reached in a trial, it does not always mean the verdict is final. One of the options you have is to file an appeal, in fact, numerous appeals are possible. However, in order to start this process, you will need immediate assistance from an attorney who has experience with the appellate process.

Generally, post-judgment relief can be requested immediately upon an adverse judgment. It is important to understand, doing so can jeopardize your rights to file an appeal through the appellate court system.

The first step in an appeal is to file a petition with the Oklahoma Supreme Court to start the process. Time is of the essence in these matters since typically you have only 30 days. Once the appropriate briefs are filed, the Supreme Court will typically assign the cases to a three-judge panel at the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals level.

Experience Matters in the Appellate Process

Jagers & Johnson, PLLC has experience handling cases at all levels including:

  • Oklahoma Supreme Court
  • Oklahoma Federal Courts
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit

Experience matters in these cases because the process must be followed carefully, and timing is of the utmost importance. We know the appellate process can feel daunting and overwhelming and we can help explain each step in the process. Additionally, we can represent your interests at each level of the process.

We do not just handle appeals for our own clients, we have also helped when your original attorney is not able to handle the appeals process on your behalf.

If you have gone through the litigation process and the result is an adverse judgment, you should contact an attorney immediately to determine what rights you have to an appeal. Contact Jagers & Johnson, PLLC if you have had a judgment issued in the court and let us discuss your options and the potential outcomes of an appeal. You have a limited amount of time to get the appeals process started so do not delay.