Expungements & Pardons

Expungements & Pardons

Oklahoma Expungement of Criminal Record

All too often, a criminal record limits an individual’s success in life. When there is an arrest or a record of time served in a person’s background check, many opportunities for employment, career related licensing, obtaining credit, and carrying firearms become severely limited. People do not wish seen by others as “criminals” due to a one-time arrest or after they have worked hard to make changes for the better. In order to put criminal records behind them, a person needs to file a petition for expungement. When granted, an expungement allows an individual to state, truthfully and legally regarding his arrest and criminal history, that “no such action has ever occurred,” because the record becomes sealed to the public.

The Oklahoma Legislature has recently made changes to our state laws regarding eligibility for an expungement in Oklahoma. Many more people are now eligible to have their criminal record expunged. Therefore, if you or a loved one could not get an expungement before, you should check again. Most expungement cases can be filed and completely resolved in ninety (90) days or less. Call us today to start the expungement process and build a different future.

Oklahoma Governor’s Pardon

Sometimes there is an obstacle to tackle before a person becomes eligible for an expungement.  For individuals who received a criminal conviction, a Governor’s Pardon is generally necessary in order to be eligible for an expungement. A pardon is “an act of forgiveness granted by the Governor for a crime(s) committed by an individual,” and acknowledges that someone has worked hardtop become a productive, law-abiding citizen after making mistakes in the past. The pardon must be granted to the individual before he becomes eligible to receive an expungement of his criminal record.

If you need a pardon, do not hesitate to call us right away. The process for obtaining a Governor’s Pardon takes longer than for an expungement. After we submit a client’s full pardon application, it can be six months to a year before a pardon is actually issued. During this time, the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board will review your application, verify your references, conduct interviews, and other tasks in preparation for final submission of the application to the Governor. Therefore, the sooner the process begins, the sooner a pardon and then an expungement can be obtained.

Since obtaining a pardon is a lengthy process, you will want to be sure you’ve got it correct from the start. In order to be eligible for a pardon, the individual must not have been considered or investigated regarding a pardon within the year before application. There is no need in wasting time with an incorrect application when we can help you get it right the first time.  Additionally, because all pardon applicants are responsible for keeping a record of all information submitted, we keep that information in our file so that you can concentrate on the many other aspects of your life. Contact us today to get the pardon process started for you or someone you care about.