Litigation & Trial

Litigation & Trial

In most cases, it is preferable to resolve issues pertaining to contracts, or other disputes, outside of court whenever possible. Resolving issues outside of court can save time, save money, and can help to preserve relationships. Unfortunately, not all matters can be resolved without taking strong legal action and when this occurs, you need an attorney who has experience preparing for trial and litigation experience.

Contract Formation & Breach of Contract

One of the best ways to avoid contract problems is to make sure the contract is written in a manner that protects all involved parties. Regardless of how well a contract is written, however, this does not mean one party will not uphold their end of the contract. When this occurs, it is important to work with an attorney who has experience litigating a breach of contract. We understand when a contract is broken your business is negatively impacted. Long-term problems including damage to your reputation and we will fight hard to preserve your rights and protect your reputation.

Commercial Dispute Litigation

While breach of contract is serious, there are other disputes which may arise in which you require legal representation. Disputes arising from labor laws, product liability issues, and disputes between shareholders are also very serious and can harm your business reputation. We can help represent you with many types of disputes that arise between business owners, between a business and customer, or between an employer and employee. Immediately upon being notified of a problem, you should seek legal assistance to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

Commercial Torts

When someone is intentionally interfering in your business, marketing a product similar to yours in an effort to undermine your business, or when false statements are being made designed to disparage your business name or product, you need immediate legal assistance. We can help hold the responsible party financially accountable for your losses.

If you are facing a business problem which may require litigation, contact Jagers & Johnson, PLLC immediately for help. We have represented businesses all over the Oklahoma City area with various types of commercial litigation and we will always be prepared to serve as your advocate in court.